We keep it clear and simple, so you can invest with confidence


Fixed Rates 8-12%

We are so confident in our due diligence process that we give you a fixed rate of return on your investment with payments made quarterly. All of our projects are structured as stand alone investments which helps protect our investors and maximize returns.

a part of the project profit too

Our projects are a wide variety of property types and in many different locations. We assure a well balanced portfolio so we can consistently offer well balanced investments that generate health return by giving our investors 25% of the projects net profit on top of the fixed interest

Easy and Transparent

We have created a seamless online platform with easy access to your investment documents and opportunities. All you have to do is click the “invest” button and our system will fill out all your documents and prepare them for digital signing. We take the management of your money very seriously and keep our books “open” so you can see it at all times.

Reasonable Investment Amounts

At DownKicker, we want you to invest at your one level of comfort. With a $2000 minimum investment, you can start small and see that we do what we say and take your trust in us seriously.

What You Get With Us When You Invest

Secured Online Account

When you sign up and get cleared as an accredited investor on our platform, you will get your own investor login. You will be able to access all your documents, account balances, and invest in additional products with a few simple and secure clicks.

A Team That Cares

When you invest with us you are in good hands. We have a team that takes your money very seriously and we are here to answer any questions at any time.

Up To Date Status Reporting

We believe that transparency is not just the best policy, but the only policy. Your online account login information will allow you to see your account balances and information 24/7. Our site is continuously updated so that you have all our data and can see that we are making the best decisions to safeguard your investment.