What exactly do I get for the $7995 Partnership enrollment fee?
When you enroll in our partnership program you get a full turnkey real estate investing business system. Some of the key benefits are branding, administrative support, 100% deal financing, and so much more.

Is experience required?
NO! We again want to help you reach your full potential. This is why we combine live and selfpaced training into our program to help those who are just starting in real estate get going and to help those who have more experience get acclimated with our systems and lingo.

How do I know my deals will really get funded after paying $7995?
We are so confident in our program and goal of doing deals with you, that we will give you a 180 day money back guarantee. When you complete and pass our training and submit a qualified deal that does not get funded we will refund you your full enrollment cost plus $1,000.

Do I need to have good credit as a partner?
Your credit is not a factor. Because you are partnering with us we use our resources to secure financing (if needed)

What makes the DKI Partner program different from all of the “guru” programs in the real estate industry?
At Downkicker we make it our mission to help you be the best you can be, not tell you how great we are. We believe in this model so much that we will partner with you on your deals and “put our money where our mouth is”. We don’t just sell you a system and tell you “good luck”. We take your calls, help you resolve project issues, and reward you with better profits split in your favor as your business grows.

How long are the training courses?
The required course work consists of two self-paced and one live instructed course. Depending on enrollment date and availability it should take 4-6 weeks to be completed. Once the three required courses are completed you will be cleared to begin making offers on
projects. We are continually developing our education courses for you to continue gaining more knowledge even after you have completed the required courses.

Do I need a business entity?
You do not “need” a business entity, however we recommend it. If you do not have one we can have one of our partners create one for you in as little as 48 hours for a very competitive rate.

Are there any minimum deal amounts?
No! Again we are real estate developers and love doing deals. We hold the theory that profits are profits and we like them.

What states am I able to do projects in?
You can do deals in all states except the following:
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and Maine

How much money do I need at closing?
ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO!!! Once you are a DKI Partner cleared to make offers you will not contribute any money at closing. In fact we will even reimburse your escrow deposit (EMD) back to you.

What is the profit split on the deal completed in the partnership program
The profit splits are as follows:




What is the maximum dollar amount on each deal?
A. While there is not necessarily a limit we do have some thresholds. In most states we limit partners to $400,000 (please call to discuss states that need exceptions ) for their first 3 deals. After you have successfully completed 3 deals with us we remove the restriction if we feel you are capable of adequately managing a project of such magnitude.
B. We generally like to stay under $1,000,000 per deal. However after you have completed your first three deals you can feel free to submit any deal that you feel is worth looking at. We are real estate developers and love doing deals. It’s in our blood.

How many deals can I do at once?
In the beginning you can only do one deal at a time. After you complete four deals successfully you will be able to manage two projects at a time. After you complete ten deals we will increase your open deal limit to three.

How long does it take to close escrow on a project after I am a DKI Partner?
We generally like to allow 30 days to do proper due diligence and close escrow. We can make certain exceptions for faster closing upon request on a case by case basis.

What is the interest rate, closing costs and other fees?
While there may be interest rates, closing costs, and miscellaneous fees; none of these will be paid by you as a DKI partner. They will be outlined with you on a deal by deal basis, paid by us, and then calculated as part of the net profit that we split once the project is sold.

What is the ROI/Profit requirements for DKI Partner projects?
We generally like to see a 30% (ROI) profit on the amount of money invested into any particular deal. This is not a fixed number and all deals are evaluated on a case by case basis.

What are the LTV/Leverage limits?
Any project above 70% will require special consideration from our Due Diligence Committee. All projects must have no more than a total leverage of 75% of the ARV.

Is there a completion deadline for my projects?
Our general guideline for most projects is a term of 6-12 months. However special considerations will be made on a case by case basis for larger renovation projects.

What type Project/Properties can I do as a DKI Partner?
Currently we only do Single Family Homes (SFR) and 2-4 Unit Residential Properties.

How is the ARV value determined?
The ARV will be based on the comps available through our data sources. Once a value is set and all the costs associated with project (i.e. rehab, permits etc.) are established it will go to our Due Diligence Committee for final approval. Our Due Diligence Committee is comprised of industry experts including an appraiser, contractor, and a realtor. The committee has a combined experience exceeding 100 years.

What is the maximum construction budget for a project ?
There is no maximum rehab budget as long as the project meets industry standard pricing. The project must also meet our ARV and Investment limits.

Can I use my own crew or do the construction myself?
Yes! All contractors must be approved by Downkicker. If a DKI partner desires to mange his or her own construction we will complete the same vetting process as though approving any other contractor.

How do construction/contractor payments work?
Unlike finance programs and hard money loans that require you to pay the costs and be reimbursed, We send you a debit card and you work with you team leader to manage and pay all expenses in real time. No out of pocket, no waiting for draws, no worries!

What are some of the common reasons why deals do NOT get funded?
The most common reason for a deal not successfully closing is the property not meeting the ARV (after repair value) needed to be deemed safe for our investors. Some other reasons would include title issues, un-permitted previous additions, square footage discrepancies, and newly discovered issues during the escrow period. We will diligently work to help resolve issues that may prevent a project from closing. Again we are real estate investors and we make our money when we help you complete projects.